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"Quantity is something you count, quality is something you count on. You can count on us."

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PESK Studios, INC. (PSIUK) is a registered member of the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN), CompTIA Instructor Network (CIN) and Certified EC-Council Instructors (CEI) and our trainers are certified trainers in all technologies that we provide training on.

We provide high quality training, instruction, coaching and mentoring in Information Technology areas that are of interest to our clientèle providing both structured, curriculum-led and bespoke training, instruction, guidance and mentorship.

PSI was established in 1989 to provide a wide variety of services to the electronics and IT industries.

The main tenet behind PSI was to be instrumental in the design and delivery processes of whatever it was we were to be a part of, hence the 'Studios' designation. In the recent past, at least since 2005, the IT industry and computing in general has grown steeply and in a very big and different way and as such, training has been the mainstay of PSIUK, whilst other projects have taken a back step.


Other projects we are currently working on (or have in the past, and may take up again) are:
  1. Power generation using Renewable Technology
  2. Drone and UAV research and design
  3. Surveillance and Camera technology
  4. New IT related technology (Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Arm, Mobile, Embedded systems, etc.)
  5. Cloud technologies
PSIUK have been privileged to have as clients, representatives of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Sultanate of Oman, United States Armed and Special Forces, NATO, the Government of the United Kingdom and her Armed and Special Forces, Microsoft Corporation, British Telecom Ireland (BT Training), BAE Systems, and the NHS, among many other clients of note.

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